Product Classification
N-011L flake series

Blue/purple/red high color color powder

Item No.: N-012L
Gorgeous and soluble color-changing pigment
Product Information
Product Name High color color powder
Particle size 50-500μm, 50-250μm, 30-120μm, 20-80μm, 15-25μm
Color High purity colorful blue/purple/Red
Product Description Different colors with angles; Different angles show gorgeous colors
The origin of China · Guangdong
Main uses Nail Paint, nail polish, nail polish, paint, crafts, etc.
Packing method
product Performance
this product has a very good high refraction brilliant color, the product is safe; Tasteless and non-toxic, fully in line with cosmetic safety standards.  
Product Application Scope
1. Nail decoration: it can be used for nail art, nail polish, nail polish, crystal powder, etc.
2. Printing and ink: anti-counterfeiting color-changing ink, surface anti-counterfeiting printing, gravure printing, screen printing, offset printing, etc.
3. Coating field: it can be used in a variety of Coating Systems, soluble oil/water systems, powder coatings, UV curing, automotive coatings, art coatings, plastic coatings, printing coatings, fluorocarbon coatings, artistic coatings for body painting, leather/synthetic leather/textile surface color change, etc.
4. Plastic field: cosmetic containers, food containers, drug containers, hoses, plastic commodities; Buttons, toys, sandals, plastic products, PTU/PVC / PU pressed leather and other plastic products, such as injection molding, blow molding, etc.
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